Agenda: Monitoring Social Media and News for Their Clients’ Security and Reputation

A case study of providing early warning and responses to potential risks

The challenge

Agenda, LLC a D.C.-based international boutique public affairs and strategic communications agency, regularly monitors news and social media to stay vigilant around several key areas of concern for their mission-driven clients which include NATO, USAID, UN Women, and private sector clients. Because the information environment has become so complex and challenging to monitor, having the right information and understanding the trajectory of narratives is critical in supporting communications strategies and decision making.

Part of Agenda’s advisory services requires monitoring open-source data feeds for potential risks to public perception and operational security issues. This is where Primer Command and Primer Analyze come in. The AI-powered solution enables Agenda to closely monitor news and social media and track narratives, allowing for early warning and providing time for Agenda and its clients to respond.

Before working with Primer, the Agenda team had been using several data mining tools for alerts and analytics, along with manual tasks in a workflow that was cumbersome and too time consuming to support effective issue and crisis management.

The solution

With Primer, Agenda has a holistic tool that provides a rich snapshot of unfolding events in real time. Primer helps separate signal from noise by surfacing key insights and following the trajectory of narratives in the information environment.

From one unified dashboard, Agenda’s research and client-facing teams can access a range of powerful capabilities to understand their clients’ operating environment, identify risks, plan remediating activities, and help protect their clients operational security. 

Primer Command is a versatile, real-time security and crisis management intelligence solution that enables us to monitor open-source data feeds for potential threats from adversaries and malign interests. We depend on Primer over all other platforms for early warning and to respond to potential risks to our clients’ operational security, business continuity, and brand reputations.

Doug Turner, CEO, Agenda, LLC

Select features

  • Custom queries monitor important topics in news and social media across 100 languages, including Chinese and Russian, translating content into English.
  • Custom alerts flag when key terms are mentioned.
  • Real-time feeds surface articles about executives, competitors, or other entities relevant to the query topic.
  • An interactive map plots key locations that are central to the news story.
  • Data volume trends indicate whether news coverage is heating up or cooling off.
  • Topic analysis surfaces the most popular themes, hashtags, and links being shared about the company, as well as disputed information.
  • Sentiment analysis shows trends in public attitudes.
  • Custom, human-quality situation reports automatically generate summaries of key news events within seconds.


 Agenda measures performance based on key data accuracy and time to generate reporting. Using Primer, the accuracy of monitoring and early warning has improved, and the time to present and act upon findings is reduced. Rather than spending hours monitoring news alerts, social media, and using multiple data mining tools, the Agenda team has more time to better serve their clients.
For more information about Primer Command, click here. And to learn more about Primer’s end-to-end NLP solution, click here. To access product demos, contact Primer here.