Primer Analyze

Structure and explore your messy data

Create a structured self-curating knowledge base to quickly find answers to critical questions, monitor updates in real time, and generate reports automatically.

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Primer Analyze


Get the world’s knowledge at your fingertips

Bridge the intelligence gap between overwhelming volumes of data and the need for rapid insight. Whether it’s supply chain risks associated with an investment target or the relationship network of a person of interest, Analyze provides an accurate, real-time, self-writing knowledge base that helps you get up to speed and into the detail.


Make sense of your data

Identify and visualize patterns, relationships, and changes in your target environments in real time, so you can develop insights faster. Structured search can return targeted insights ranging from negative quotes by foreign members of the government about US allies to a list of all the terrorist attacks within 200 miles of Kabul.


Monitor situations in real time

Track situations, entities, topics, risks, or regions in real time on the data streams that are critical to your organization. In the middle of a PR crisis, understand the who, what, when, and where with real-time summarization and entity extraction to help you make important decisions.


Automatically generate human quality reports

Eliminate the tradeoff between the time it takes to conduct research and the thoroughness of detail in your reports. Analyze automatically clusters, triages, and summarizes billions of individual documents in real time, and with human-level precision, before adding them to your own customized briefing template or automated regular digest.


Identify disinformation and make informed decisions

Use Primer’s dispute models to identify misinformation spread by foreign media or by conversations on social media to determine the truth of the matter. Filter through the noise, and understand the narratives that drive the evolution of, and response to, global events.


Integrate your proprietary data with relevant publicly available data sets

Unify open source and your proprietary data sources in one streamlined analytics workflow for greater speed and productivity. From cables to social posts to financial documents, Analyze is your path to breaking through the left-screen/right-screen problem.

Primer Analyze


Knowledge base generation and search

With Analyze, you can unlock more value from your data. Analyze automatically converts your text-based documents into a fully searchable knowledge base that allows you to search against people, places, events, relationships, sentiment, and many more classifiers. Want to identify all military operations near a disputed border, which units are involved, and associated commanders? – With Primer Analyze, it’s a simple query.


Weekly intelligence research and briefing

As experts on a particular region or topic, intelligence analysts provide regular briefings to their stakeholders. Manual research can take hours or days — or can even be impossible as the world’s data sources continue to grow exponentially. Primer Analyze empowers analysts to leverage the full breadth of data available by automatically scanning billions of documents, both public and sensitive internal sources. It then extracts relevant information and summarizes it all into a human quality report that can be customized as needed.


Real time crisis monitoring

Primer Analyze helps analysts stay on top of unfolding events in real -time, uncover the truth, and map out the key moments and actors over time. Major world events, such as geopolitical crises or cybersecurity attacks, produce a firehose of information on news channels and social media. These situations tend to evolve rapidly and confusion can lead to the spread of misinformation. By combining our data with a list of locations or individuals you care about (be they office buildings, employees, or military bases), you can make sure you react proactively, and decisively.


Insight generation

When data sets are massive, it can be hard to find that “needle in the haystack” that makes a difference to an important decision. Primer Analyze enables analysts to deploy machine learning models against their own data, so they can uncover hidden details or relationships between entities that they would not have otherwise been able to recognize with manual workflows.

Primer Analyze

Analyze Modules

  • Languages

    Primer works natively in English, Russian, and Chinese, and it uses an automatic translation layer to support dozens of other languages. You can add language modules to Primer Analyze to ensure that you are always processing your most important data — regardless of its original language. Spanish and Arabic are coming soon.

  • Disinformation

    Primer’s unique suite of machine learning capabilities helps you to identify, cluster, summarize, and respond to foreign disinformation campaigns. Bot and synthetic text detection coupled with Primer’s world-leading AI engines map the information space and automatically extract claims, understand who made them, and show how those claims have traversed the digital landscape.

  • Briefing Toolkit

    Primer helps analysts create great briefings in one streamlined workflow. Select the events, entities, images, and videos that you want to include, and Primer Analyze will generate a briefing for you. Collaborate with your team to edit your briefing, and publish it in PDF or MS Word with print-quality graphics and maps.

  • Crisis Monitoring

    Primer transforms the process of tracking and understanding breaking events. Our world-leading AI engines automatically read, structure, and summarize enormous volumes of social media, traditional media, and sensitive reporting streams in real time, giving you an unmatched ability to maintain command and control during dynamic events.

A Suite of AI-Powered Solutions

Threat Detection

Primer Command

Improve your response time through early detection of kinetic and cyber threats from social and news media.

Strategic Analysis

Primer Delta

Cut through information overload by structuring your messy data for exploration, reducing your time to insight.

Information Operations

Primer Yonder

Combat information operations by surfacing emerging narratives and audience intelligence before they shape beliefs.

Multilingual Data Labeling

Primer LightTag

Automate your unique text-based workflows with NLP by building highly accurate datasets with ease.

Easy-to-Deploy AI Models

Primer Engines

Choose from an array of NLP models tuned to work on domain-specific data for use in intelligence and defense operations.