Real-time Threat Detection

By leveraging high-scale streaming data, you can detect kinetic and cyber threats up to several hours earlier than traditional methods and respond quickly.

Primer Command

Core Benefits


Get a 360° view of rapidly evolving situations at scale

Enhance your competitive advantage and reduce risk by getting comprehensive data on complex, fast-breaking events. Command enables you to analyze massive amounts of rapidly changing social, geopolitical, or economic event data at scale and in real-time.


Bring AI-powered intelligence to all levels of decision-making

Empower strategic, operational, and tactical teams to make well-informed decisions with real-time AI summaries of rapidly evolving events as they unfold. Command automatically generates situation reports that you can download, edit, and share, saving you time and making collaboration easy.


Fully Integrated LLM-Powered Simple Search

Simple Search, powered by LLM integration, offers a seamless and comprehensive search experience by automatically generating reports and summaries of text. It goes beyond the surface and discerns the search intent, providing a fluent and thorough exploration, accompanied by complete citations.


Be ready at a moment's notice

Respond to urgent events more seamlessly by giving the right people access to critical information at the right time leveraging a centralized operational intelligence dashboard with real-time OSINT feeds.


Work smarter when every minute counts

Save time and increase productivity by using AI-powered intelligence tools like powerful filters, location-based searches, and computer vision capabilities to automate workflows and minimize manual tasks. Free up your analysts and operators to focus on higher-level analysis.


Respond to crises as a well-prepared team

Improve team collaboration by streamlining communication, flagging items of importance, and delegating responsibilities. Enable everyone to operate from a common operating picture.

Why Primer Command

  • Real-Time Insights

    Gain real-time insights from diverse publicly available data sources.

  • Contextual Intelligence

    Understand the “Who, What, When, Where, and Why” for every scenario.

  • Social Summarization

    Automatically generate reports and summaries of text.

  • Enhanced Productivity

    Boost your efficiency by simplifying monitoring and analysis.

  • Intuitive Workflows

    Get fluent and natural responses to the search queries powered by LLMs.

  • Trusted Partner

    Primer is a trusted and proven AI partner for the U.S. Government and Commercial customers.

Primer Command

Threat Detection

Improve your response time through early detection of kinetic and cyber threats from social and news media.

Primer Delta

Strategic Analysis

Cut through information overload by structuring your messy data for exploration, reducing your time to insight.

Large Language Models

Semantic Search

Securely and fluently search, summarize, and explore your data at scale with greater precision.