Real-time Threat Detection

By leveraging high-scale streaming data, you can detect kinetic and cyber threats up to several hours earlier than traditional methods and respond quickly.

Primer Command

Core Benefits


Get a 360° view of rapidly evolving situations at scale

Enhance your competitive advantage and reduce risk by getting comprehensive data on complex, fast-breaking events. Command enables you to analyze massive amounts of rapidly changing social, geopolitical, or economic event data at scale and in real-time.


Bring AI-powered intelligence to all levels of decision-making

Empower strategic, operational, and tactical teams to make well-informed decisions with real-time AI summaries of rapidly evolving events as they unfold. Command automatically generates situation reports that you can download, edit, and share, saving you time and making collaboration easy.


Be ready at a moment’s notice

Respond to urgent events more seamlessly by giving the right people access to critical information at the right time leveraging a centralized operational intelligence dashboard with real-time OSINT feeds.


Work smarter when every minute counts

Save time and increase productivity by using AI-powered intelligence tools like powerful filters, location-based searches, and computer vision capabilities to automate workflows and minimize manual tasks. Free up your analysts and operators to focus on higher-level analysis. 


Respond to crises as a well-prepared team

Improve team collaboration by streamlining communication, flagging items of importance, and delegating responsibilities. Enable everyone to operate from a common operating picture.

Primer Command


Corporate global security operations

Global enterprises face a wide variety of threats to their operations, reputation, leadership, workforce, equipment, supply chain partners, and more. To improve resilience, companies need immediate visibility into situations as they unfold. Command’s 360° view and real-time event monitoring and alerting capability enables security analysts to continuously monitor news and social media, alerting them to threats as soon as they arise. Analysts gain a faster and more comprehensive understanding of the impact and implications for the business and its employees.


Brand and reputation management

Today, negative news circulates like wildfire across news sites, blogs, and social media. Companies can easily get blindsided by public criticism of their products or activities, resulting in an adverse impact on their brand. Command’s real-time monitoring and alerting helps corporate communications teams identify and analyze incoming text-based content in multiple languages. With data at their fingertips, they can then determine the best response and build effective brand management strategies.


Humanitarian Assistance

Command’s custom trained humanitarian filters enable first responders and NGOs to better identify crucial information – such as calls for help or infrastructure damage – to respond more quickly, efficiently, and with confidence. First responders can pinpoint exact locations, both mentioned and geo-tagged, for situational awareness, to ensure staff safety, and provide targeted assistance.



Cyber attacks on all businesses are becoming more frequent, targeted, and severe. Primer Command helps security operations teams detect early indications of geopolitical events for cyber threats to flow out of. With our real-time OSINT feeds, Primer Command alerts incident response teams right when cyber attacks occur, providing the context needed for decision-makers to act fast and with confidence.



Primer Command uncovers false narratives being spread on the news and social media by detecting and flagging disputed information. Combined with Primer Analyze, Primer’s strategic intelligence platform, analysts can easily discover the origin and source of disputed information. This enables users to understand its provenance and evaluate its accuracy. This additional context also provides early warning and a means to constantly monitor the information landscape.


Customer Testimonials

A Suite of AI-Powered Solutions

Threat Detection

Primer Command

Improve your response time through early detection of kinetic and cyber threats from social and news media.

Strategic Analysis

Primer Delta

Cut through information overload by structuring your messy data for exploration, reducing your time to insight.

Information Operations

Primer Yonder

Combat information operations by surfacing emerging narratives and audience intelligence before they shape beliefs.

Multilingual Data Labeling

Primer LightTag

Automate your unique text-based workflows with NLP by building highly accurate datasets with ease.

Easy-to-Deploy AI Models

Primer Engines

Choose from an array of NLP models tuned to work on domain-specific data for use in intelligence and defense operations.