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We’re building mission-ready AI to make the world a safer place. With Primer, analysts, operators and decision-makers make sense of vast volumes of open source and proprietary data in real time to improve productivity and to reduce time to decision.

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Primer Command

Threat Detection

Improve your response time through early detection of kinetic and cyber threats from social and news media.

Primer Delta

Strategic Analysis

Cut through information overload by structuring your messy data for exploration, reducing your time to insight.

Large Language Models

Semantic Search

Securely and fluently search, summarize, and explore your data at scale with greater precision.

  • Announcing Primer FedRamp security

    We are happy to announce that Primer Delta, our AI platform, will carry FedRAMP designation and Impact Level 5 (IL5) authorization for government agencies through Palantir’s FedStart offering.

  • Next-Generation Information Dominance Has Arrived

    Large Language Models can now respond in natural language, continually improving with feedback loops. Analysts and operators can use natural language to securely and fluently interact with their knowledge and data with greater precision.

  • Introducing Primer Delta, our next gen AI-native platform

    Use cutting-edge AI to enhance and accelerate your daily workflows in your environment -- from mission planning and asset tracking to accelerating intelligence cycles.


Join Our Team

With a hybrid working environment and offices in Arlington, VA, and San Francisco, CA, our team unites experienced operators and the brightest AI/ML talent around a single purpose: to make the world a safer place.


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