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Integrate trusted AI search and discovery into your workflows and onto your network, bringing unprecedented speed, power, and accuracy to your enterprise operations and decision-making.

Decision-ready AI 
for the world’s most 
critical organizations.

We build practical and trusted AI for complex enterprise environments, leveraging our expertise in NLP and national security. Our multi-source AI solutions enable leaders, researchers, operators, and analysts to better understand the changing world around them and make timely and informed decisions when the stakes are high.



Relevant insights, better outcomes

Our products accelerate enterprise search and discovery, shrinking time to insight and informing better and faster decisions.


Cost effective and scalable

Our proprietary technology securely and rapidly processes your multi-source data and deploys advanced AI cost-efficiently at enterprise scale.


Precision and traceability

Our R&D has taken us beyond current industry standards in accuracy. Our solutions ground the output in your trusted data sources, let you dive deeper to find the nuance and offer traceability for consistent and trusted results.


Powerful and intuitive workflows

Our products integrate with your workflows delivering a personalized product experience that leverages your unique expertise and enables you to work better, faster, and smarter.


Confidence in AI

We are committed to building practical and trusted AI. We emphasize user-builder collaboration on known challenges, prioritizing the delivery of immediate operational capabilities and demonstrating AI’s trustworthiness.

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Your team’s AI force multiplier 

Primer Delta and Primer Command help your team rapidly find, analyze and report on information from vast amounts of proprietary and publicly available data, reducing time to insight and enabling more informed decisions.

Our products meet strict security requirements, deploy swiftly and cost-effectively on your network or in the cloud, and seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and tools.

Announcing Primer Delta Lite availability on ICMP

Agencies across the Intelligence Community can experiment with, purchase, and deploy Delta Lite in minutes while meeting the unique integration, security and compliance standards and requirements of AWS and the Intelligence Community.

Primer’s advanced AI products readily available for DoD procurement

“With our solutions available on the Tradewinds Marketplace, more national security and military organizations will get immediate access to secure, AI-powered innovation that provides the US with a critical competitive advantage.” - Sean Moriarty, Primer CEO

Primer strengthens senior leadership team with new CRO and CTO

“With Erin and Joe, we have hired visionary and deeply accomplished leaders who will accelerate Primer’s momentum towards becoming a leading provider of AI solutions to the world’s most critical institutions,” said Primer CEO Sean Moriarty.



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