Primer acquires Yonder, adds disinformation analysis to AI portfolio for information operations.

Primer NLP Platform

One Platform
To Drive All Your
NLP Applications

One Platform
To Drive All Your
NLP Applications

Getting NLP to production doesn’t need to be so hard. Primer’s industrial-grade platform makes it easy to rapidly label, build, customize, and deploy intelligent applications on your data.

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Primer NLP Platform

The End-to-End Platform for NLP

Unlike conventional tools that provide partial solutions, Primer makes it easy for data scientists, developers, and end users to build and deploy intelligent applications quickly, securely, and at scale. Our solutions are modular and interoperable with other enterprise technologies, and can easily be integrated in your cloud and on-premises environments.

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Primer NLP Platform Capabilities

Connect your data quickly

Ingest and normalize your data

NLP data ingestion and preparation is a huge bottleneck that takes up the majority of an ML team’s time. We built Primer so that you can start shipping more quality models, faster. We enable you to ingest data from dozens of different applications, filesystems, databases, and messaging systems. We support most popular file formats, and Primer’s ingest layer facilitates import, normalization, and cleaning of your data types, including batch and streaming data.

NLP without training

Leverage pre-trained models

Building NLP models from scratch is time consuming and difficult. Assemble your NLP solutions with our best-in-class pre-trained domain specific models. Use these models out of the box, and then easily customize them on your own data. Connect to our API from your chosen programming language, framework, or BI tool.

Primer’s model catalogue lives in an intuitive UI where you can see lineage. Give them a try, no code required.

Quickly customize and tune your models

Customize models or build your own

Prefer to build your models from scratch? Primer lets you rapidly encode human insight and drive business value, whether you build your own models or customize our models for your use case. Label faster with LightTag’s team-based labeling and annotation management tools to ensure model quality and deliver outcomes you can trust. Label more efficiently with autoML strengthened by Data Map and active learning, no coding or technical skills required.

Data Map automatically surfaces potential mislabeled data so you know what to re-label to improve your model’s performance faster. Active learning identifies the labels that will best improve model performance, reducing the amount of labeled data needed to train a NLP model by up to 30x vs. conventional methods.

And you can upload your pre-labeled data, or let Primer give you a hand with labeling to save you even more time.

Build NLP workflows in an intuitive UI

Assemble data processing pipelines

Pipelines combine multiple models, transformations, and operations together into a single, automated, end-to-end flow. They support any user assembling modular and reusable components inside a low-code UI to accomplish complex use cases. Pipelines also support branching depending on the output of previous steps.

Make data and insights available to everyone

Make insights available to everyone

The knowledge store is a scalable store of structured and unstructured data allowing you to easily retrieve document and entity information. Primer supports full text and relational large-scale querying along with first-class customizable visualization tools, or you can use our API to build your own.

Analyze, visualize, and utilize all your data

Drive business value across your applications

Connect Primer directly into your applications and visualization tools to predict, automate, or gain insights into core areas of your business. Or you can leverage one of Primer’s purpose-built applications like Primer Analyze and Primer Command.


Why customers choose Primer

Transforming text and audio into useful data with NLP requires a pipeline that can take months to build and even longer to yield business value. Primer not only makes it easy to go from ingest to build to deploy, but it also gives you full visibility and explainability into model performance, and works with your existing tools and data sources so you can start creating value from your text-based data today.

Human-level Accuracy

Primer helps you build models that generate human-level insight from thousands of documents in seconds without having to learn the latest cutting-edge techniques.


Primer’s technology is trusted to perform in some of the highest pressure government, military, and security environments on the planet.


Primer’s models are rapidly customizable. No matter if you choose one of our out-of-the-box models, or build your own, you can tune it for your use case on your data.


In a recent head-to-head comparison of precision, recall, and F1 scores, Primer’s NER model outscored industry benchmarks, as well as cloud and open source solutions by 21%.

Easy to Use

Developers and data scientists can get started instantly with plug-and-play API, and everyone on your team can use Primer’s low-code UI.


No black boxes – Primer’s models are transparent so you understand how a model is functioning and can improve its performance. This also means that in heavily regulated environments you can explain how your models are working and help you ensure compliance.


Primer is deployed in high security environments— the public sector, finance, and pharma. Our systems are pressure-tested, secure, continuously monitored, and undergo regular 3rd-party pen testing. We offer SSO for your logins, and operate on the principle of least privilege. Our SaaS customers’ data is stored in an isolated namespace, or you can provision Primer inside a private cloud or on prem.


Primer works within your existing enterprise tools and systems, and you can use our API directly into your applications.


Seamlessly deploy Primer’s platform across your multicloud and on-prem environments to build intelligent applications wherever they are hosted and leverage data across your systems of record.


Use cases

Primer makes it easy to integrate NLP workflows into your organization, both in the cloud and on-premises, helping organizations make predictions, automate business processes, and gain critical insights.

Customer Insights

Uncover hidden market insights to make better business decisions.

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