Introducing Primer Delta: Our next-gen AI-native platform to transform information overload into decision advantage

Today, we’re announcing general availability (GA) of Primer Delta, our cutting-edge AI-native platform that uses machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to enhance and accelerate daily analyst and operator workflows in customer hosted environments.

Primer Delta is purpose-built for analysts, operators and decision-makers who want to be more productive and turn high-scale messy data into decision advantage. Primer Delta can process millions of documents and reliably extract entities, locations, and topics of interest, surface hard to find insights, and generate comprehensive summaries – saving users hundreds of hours of manual work and giving them an information advantage over competitors. 

Primer Delta supports a variety of missions and use cases, from mission planning and asset tracking to accelerating intelligence cycles. For customers who want to leverage next-generation Large Language Models (LLMs) for more contextual and fluent data analysis, we are working on deploying domain-specific LLMs in their environment while respecting document level permissions and providing sentence-level provenance.

Information overload has reached its tipping point

Collecting, processing and exploiting data to detect and understand threats is a manual, time-consuming, and incredibly important process – one that our national security relies on. Analysts and operators take pride in their work product, but the majority of their day is spent piecing together data from various data sources, types and formats. Information overwhelm leads to increased risk of missing things and human error. Many of these manual tasks can reliably be handled by a machine trained on domain-specific data. This allows humans to apply their judgment, develop courses of action, and speed time to decision. 

As Tony Thomas, Former Commander for U.S Special Operations Command, rightly articulates:

At Primer, we believe that analysts and operators deserve to have reliable and trusted AI now to achieve their mission and stay safe. Today it is abundantly clear that innovation is no longer just measured in hardware years, but in coding weeks. At a time of increasing geopolitical instability, the country that gets modern and reliable software capabilities into the hands of our analysts and operators first, wins. That’s why we are building secure, trusted, and interoperable AI that can be fielded in hours, not years.

Primer Delta: what used to take hours now takes minutes

Enter Primer Delta, the AI-native analytic solution that is customized and fine-tuned for national security agencies and US military who want to keep their sensitive data secure. Delta deploys cutting-edge NLP and machine learning to help our customers reliably extract meaning from massive amounts of unstructured data – text, audio, video, images and geospatial data – in an interface that is optimized for their workflows and interoperable with their existing environments. Designed to operate securely within your network and on your data, Primer maintains custom connectors to work securely with customer data stores, integrating with their choice of identity and access providers for granular access control.

Fig 1. Primer Delta surfaces contextual information so you can find in your data what you are looking for faster.

With Primer Delta, analysts and operators can intuitively surface, summarize, process and analyze messy multi-source data, including publicly available information (PAI) and proprietary data, with minimal effort and at unprecedented timelines. What used to take hours can now take minutes. Analysts save time by quickly identifying critical information, what’s new and what’s changed, and discover hard-to-find connections and trends. A self-generating and updating knowledge base and powerful views of mission-specific entities, locations, and events make for effective and efficient data exploration and alerting at scale.

To learn more about Primer Delta, click here and download the Primer Delta data sheet.

Fig 2. An analyst can surface, summarize, extract and carry out in-depth analysis of their data through intuitive views.

Primer Delta at Work

Primer Delta is built on a powerful proprietary infrastructure that can be configured to support a wide range of use cases, including:

  • Increased situational awareness: Watch teams often operate in standard 4- or 6-hour shifts, and information is not always conveyed from one shift to another. Watchstanders can use Primer Delta to help them accumulate and update all relevant information 24/7 – unlike us, the machines never sleep. 
  • Mission planning: Each day, military pilots spend hours on flight planning, poring over maps, weather, airport requirements and more – still using many of the same manual tools from the 1970s. Primer Delta can automate the entire process, providing go/no-go recommendations based on aircraft type, enroute weather and NOTAMS, and pilot readiness levels in a single display, and with a greater level of precision.
  • Asset tracking. Primer Delta can provide an updated asset tracking system for a Commander to view all of their assets in a single dashboard, along with any threat data that would impact their operations. By aggregating incident reports and providing predictive capabilities to more comprehensively assess risk, Commanders can make better decisions faster.
Fig 3. Watchstanders use Primer Delta to track emerging situations for increased situational awareness.

Primer Delta is a versatile solution. We encourage our customers to explore new use cases and discover all the possibilities Delta has to offer! Please reach out to [email protected] to explore new use cases.

Why do National Security Agencies and US Military choose Primer Delta?

Primer has a long history of partnering with national security agencies and US military on building practical, mission-critical AI applications that support mission objectives. We work closely with our customers to fully understand their requirements and constraints, and iterate closely with them to ensure that they have the right mix of capabilities to achieve mission success.

Fig 4: Primer Delta provides a range of benefits for national security agencies and US military.

Read the interim Atlantic Council Commission report on Defense Innovation AdoptionTo learn how we can help you with your AI transformation journey, contact us.

Looking to experiment, look no further than Primer Delta Lite

For agencies looking to experiment and process a smaller set of 100-1000 unstructured text documents, we built a lighter version of Primer Delta, called Primer Delta Lite, which is now available on the AWS marketplace. With Primer Delta Lite, you can explore your unstructured text data within the comfort and security of your environment without needing to enter into a contract. 

Click here, to procure Primer Delta Lite from AWS Marketplace.

About Primer

Primer delivers mission-ready AI software to those who protect our security and democracy. With Primer, analysts and operators can understand and act on vast amounts of unstructured data in real time – from text and images to audio and video. With offices in Arlington, VA, and San Francisco, CA, Primer unites veterans with decades of operational experience and the brightest AI/ML talent. For more information, please visit  

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