How AI & NLP Can Create a Smarter, Safer, and More Resilient City

The more advanced our technology gets, the more intelligent our cities become. From smart mobility to sustainability to smart data and digital safety and security, smart city development brings together the best and brightest in science, business, and urban planning to bring big ideas to life for a brighter future. 

Tampere Smart City Week in Tampere, Finland, one of the safest countries in the world, drew 1700 participants from over 65 countries and 71 companies worldwide. The goal of the SURE Smart City initiative is building a city ready for any type of event using holistic smart technologies focused on security, safety and digital trust.

Primer’s Associate Director, Nick Melgaard, participated in a panel at the conference on June 15 about creating a data-driven and socially cohesive city. The panel discussed the impact of technology on social cohesion, as well as how to enhance social cohesion in smart cities while guaranteeing the respect of the citizens’ fundamental rights. Nick discussed the development of language AI and natural language processing at Primer, as well as the challenges of getting cutting-edge AI into difficult places for mission-critical use cases. 

While Primer Command’s primary use case is to monitor fast-breaking global events for national security, smart cities can use its AI & NLP technology closer to home to create safer and more resilient cities. 

Monitoring fast-moving information

Smart cities are connected cities. Sensor data from IoT devices, digital infrastructure, telecommunications, and more all produce an overwhelming amount of data at any given moment. And the bigger the city, the more significant the amount of data produced. That said, vast quantities of data make it hard to get a pulse on fast-moving events that impact the safety and security of a city’s residents. 

This use case is where AI and NLP technology come in: It creates structured data streams from raw data to help people understand the world by identifying locations, people, organizations, objects, and other critical information. This process creates real-time situational awareness so local governments and businesses can respond quickly and appropriately to unfolding events. These events aren’t only limited to national security—they can be anything from everyday crime and homelessness to a major sporting event or concert. By making sense of data, smart cities can create a safer environment for people to live in.

Learn more about NLP

Applying AI & NLP to smart cities and smart event security 

Primer Command is an AI-powered, real-time intelligence solution that monitors fast-breaking global events with NLP technology. With Primer Command, organizations can monitor, analyze, and respond to unfolding events after summarizing a high volume of publicly available information (such as news and social feeds). The real-time situational awareness that Primer Command enables gives governments and businesses the power to make decisions regarding the security of their people, assets, infrastructure, and more. 

While governments and armed forces can use AI and NLP to keep entire countries and regions safe, it can also help build smarter, safer, and more resilient cities. Smart event security is just one example of how powerful AI and NLP can be when brought closer to home to protect the daily livelihood of residents and visitors so they can keep doing the activities that matter most to them—safely.

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