Corporate Security Teams Receive Critical Guidance from Primer to Aid Employees in Crisis Areas

Command’s powerful capabilities can be seen through the lens of Global Security Operation Centers (GSOCs) seeking to provide support and information to employees in Ukraine.

Provide duty of care to employees in Ukraine

For global companies, monitoring for threats to employees or assets requires constant attention. Whether it’s a natural disaster or an act of war, GSOCs are charged with alerting and providing guidance to employees in harm’s way. With Russia’s recent invasion in Ukraine many companies are quickly pivoting to provide support to their employees in the country. Looking back to earlier this year, many people in Ukraine did not think an invasion would happen and are now regretting not evacuating sooner. This is especially true for military aged males who are now being conscripted by the military and unable to evacuate legally. Hearing their employees being separated from their families and in some cases forced to enter military service, employers are expanding their boundaries of care to look after the well-being of their employees and their families in Ukraine as well as Belarus, Russia and the surrounding regions. GSOC’s are being charged with monitoring threats and providing periodic updates to their employees. 

The following showcases how Command helps security teams provide duty of care to their employees with a focus on Kyiv, including:

  • Inform employees about local threats 
  • Update employees on local authority guidance, such as curfew orders
  • Highlight damage to utilities and infrastructure
  • Notify employees about supply shortages

Warn employees about proximity to threats

On February 24th after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he had ordered a “special military operation” in eastern Ukraine, missiles began to strike dozens of cities across the country including the capital, Kyiv. By February 27th reports started flooding social media stating the capital was surrounded by Russian forces making evacuations impossible. 

  • Filter by location: The GIF below shows how security teams can quickly filter reporting by their employees location. 
  • Deduplicate: Command automatically collapses all similar reporting so the security analysts do not waste time reading 17 posts about the same Russian convoy marching into Kyiv.
GIF showcasing Command’s filtering and deduplication capabilities.

Update employees on local authority guidance 

As Russian troops continue to advance on Ukraine’s capital, employees in Kyiv need to know the latest guidance from local authorities. 

  • Filter by local authorities: Using the people filter for Kyiv Mayor Vatali Klitschko, social media and news reports related to him and his statements appear. 
  • Key word search: Security teams can further filter by searching for “curfew” to see the latest guidance.
Partial list of people automatically categorized by Command 
Social media post Command tagged as associated with Kyiv Mayor Vatali Klitschko.

Highlight damage to utilities and infrastructure

Employees need to know if there are threats to their power and internet connectivity.

  • Filter by infrastructure: Command is powered by industry leading Natural Language Processing models that accurately identify social posts that fall into this filter. This capability allows security teams to isolate social media reporting related infrastructure and utility damage. 
  • Flag disputed information: While there is a continuous stream of mixed reports about power outages in Kyiv, Command automatically flags disputed information so security teams can accurately track and inform their employees about outages.
Partial list of Command’s filtering options
Examples of Command’s social media results related to internet connectivity. 

Track evacuation options

Some employees in Ukraine are probably seeking support from their employers’ security team on how to evacuate the country safely. 

  • Filter by evacuations: With Command, GSOCs can quickly respond to these requests after narrowing the enormous amount of social media posts related to Ukraine down to just information related to ‘displaced people and evacuations.’ With this filter security teams can summarize social media posts related to routes and border crossing locations. 
  • Map layer: For employees looking to move out of Kyiv to another part of the country, security teams could use Command to filter by ‘Infrastructure Damage’ then select the social mentions map layer to quickly identify areas employees should avoid. 
Partial list of Command’s filtering options and example of Command’s social media results related to evacuations. 

Stay organized and collaborate with team members

Security teams can bookmark and label important reports in their feed. This allows users to stay organized and formulate it into a situation report at a later time. Command’s engineers are also working on the ability to share queries with teammates to form a common operating picture.

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