Solution Brief

The Primer Big Model

Primer’s Big NLP model is a cost-effective and high-performing solution for extracting timely insights from unstructured data.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape where the volume of data generated is increasing exponentially, manual processing limits decision speed. The Primer Big model is designed to address this challenge by offering a resource-efficient solution that can keep up with the mounting complexities of today’s data.

The Primer Big model has been pre-computed for faster computing times and is trained on both public and classified data sets, making it an ideal solution for organizations operating in defense or intelligence domains. In addition, the Primer Big model supports both English and Mandarin languages and has plans to expand its capabilities to support more languages in the future.

By adopting the Primer Big NLP model, organizations gain the ability to extract insights faster, stay ahead of the curve, and maintain information superiority in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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