Intelligent search with fluent answers

Primer Search goes beyond traditional keyword search by understanding the meaning and context of your questions. Query in everyday language and get fluent and fully sourced AI-generated answers back.

Mastering search: the semantic edge

Find the right answers fast.

While traditional search engines make you sift through lists of documents to find an answer, Primer Search gives you direct answers with links to the most relevant documents.

Knowledge base

Richer search results

Get context-aware search results. Primer pre-processes your documents, extracting key information and representing it in a knowledge base to further enhance search results.

Trusted, explainable results

AI accuracy

Receive accurate and cited answers by anchoring results to trusted enterprise data stores, reducing hallucinations of large language models.

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Refine search, your way.

Fine-tune your search with targeted filters

Hone in your search results with advanced filters, narrowing your focus by data type, time period, author, relevance, language, and more.

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Real-time OSINT analysis

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