Never miss a thing within your data

Reduce time to insight with Primer Delta, a powerful AI-enabled search and discovery experience that integrates with your enterprise workflows – on your data and your network.

Avoid missed insights within your data

Primer Delta leverages advanced language models and proprietary NLP to help you swiftly discover, analyze and report on multi-source data on your network, saving you time and enabling better decisions.

Next generation search


Leverage comprehensive, fast and accurate enterprise search that understands your search intent. Primer Delta uses advanced NLP to extract key information from your multi-source data, then infers, summarizes and generates contextual insights based on your query.

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Deeper analysis


Discover insights faster with Primer Delta, which surfaces the most relevant documents, clusters key events and topics, and summarizes key information, enabling you to focus on in-depth analysis.

Dossier generation


Research entities of interest with self-generating mini-dossiers of people, organizations, locations, and custom entities. Primer Delta surfaces your entity in every sentence and when mentioned with others, optimizing research and analysis efficiency.

Mastering search: the semantic edge

Why Primer Delta

  • Secure

    Deployable in air-gapped environments, Primer Delta securely integrates with your data stores while upholding your authentication and access controls.

  • Interoperable

    Primer Delta integrates with your existing enterprise tools and systems. Your data can be transferred to other systems, ensuring you are always in control.

  • Auditable

    Review and audit data usage to ensure data governance and compliance requirements are met.


Decision ready-AI

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