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Never Miss a Thing Within Your Data

Analysts and operators can now use cutting-edge AI to enhance and accelerate their daily workflows on-premises.

Unlock the Power of Your Data

The ever-increasing deluge of data in today's operational environment can quickly become overwhelming. By transforming messy data for exploration and sense-making, Primer Delta empowers analysts and operators to turn information overload into an advantage.

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primer delta

Core Benefits


Surface, summarize, search, and explore your data

Searching through countless docs for the information you care about is time-consuming. Primer Delta organizes your data by clustering relevant documents together into events and topics, providing a contextual map-like view, so you can understand the big picture before delving into the details.

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Discover insights from your data, on your network

Developed in partnership with our national security customers, Primer Delta runs in your secure network on your data and maintains custom connectors to work securely with your data stores. Primer integrates with your identity and access provider and respects document-level permissions and sentence-level sensitivity markings.

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Improve your productivity by reducing cognitive overload

It’s impossible to read everything, but you take pride in never missing anything. Primer Delta structures your data for exploration and sense-making by clustering and summarizing all potentially relevant structured and unstructured information, so you can focus your time on in-depth analysis.

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Research specific entities

You're looking for the needle in the haystack, so Primer Delta generates mini-dossiers from your documents for each entity, including people, organizations, or locations, making research and analysis more targeted and efficient. You’ll see every sentence mentioning your entity or where your entity is co-mentioned with another.

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Organize and export your data anywhere

You own your data. Primer Delta integrates into your existing workflows as an AI/NLP enrichment layer to your existing toolkit, allowing you to seamlessly transfer data into other systems for visual analysis or further enrichment.

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Why Primer Delta

  • Your Environment

    Leverage mission-ready AI inside your secure environment.

  • Enhanced Productivity

    Boost your efficiency by simplifying your workload. 

  • Your Data

    Surface, summarize, search, and explore your data with ease. 

  • Your Insights

    Discover hidden patterns, relationships, and new entities buried in your data.

  • Your Workflows

    Organize and export your data anywhere. 

  • Your Trusted Partner

    Primer is a trusted and proven AI partner for National Security agencies.

primer delta


Open and Interoperable

Integrate Delta as an AI/NLP enrichment layer into your existing workflows, allowing seamless transfer of data into other systems for further analysis, giving you complete ownership of your data.

Organize and Summarize

Organize your data by clustering relevant documents into events and topics for a contextual map-like view and summarizing all the important details, saving time to search for relevant information.

Dossier Generation

Generate mini-dossiers for each entity found in your documents, showing every sentence mentioning the entity, co-mentions, and topics in the same document for targeted research and analysis.

Security and Permissions

Designed to operate securely within your network on your data, Primer maintains custom connectors to work securely with your data stores, integrating with your identity and access provider.

Cut Through Information Overwhelm