operational clarity

Stay ahead of the curve with Primer Command, delivering AI-enabled real-time analysis of publicly available information.

Cut through the noise

Seize every advantage and empower your team to detect emerging events, narratives, and trends better and faster within rapidly changing social media and news landscapes.

Documents digested daily

Processing up to 5 million social media posts, blogs, and news articles daily

Languages supported

Providing multilingual translation support for 100+ languages

News sources ingested daily

Ingesting 60,000+ global and local news sources daily

How Primer parsed misinformation early in Israel-Hamas war

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Why Primer Command

  • Social summarization

    Keep track of rapidly evolving situations by summarizing conversations in real-time.

  • Contextual intelligence

    Understand the connections between people, places, and organizations most relevant to you.

  • Streamlined reporting

    Automate situation reports and effortlessly integrate them with your preferred tools.


Real-time OSINT analysis

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