Deliver mission-ready AI faster

Partner with us to deliver reliable and trusted AI to help the world’s most critical organizations accelerate their intelligence, operations, and decision-making.

Bringing a coalition mentality to our customers

Our customers' mission needs are always evolving and they need new capabilities to maintain decision advantage. By combining our unique strengths we can serve our customers better and deliver critical capabilities faster.

Trusted and reliable

Why partner with Primer?

  • Commercially available solutions

    Augment your current capabilities with our ready-to-use and interoperable AI solutions for fast implementation.

  • Technical expertise

    Leverage our deep data science, engineering and product design expertise to meet your customers’ needs and capabilities.

  • Federal acquisition knowledge

    Navigate complex government requirements with ease leveraging our expertise in Federal Contracting.

  • FedRAMP IL5 authorized

    Primer is available with critical accreditations, including FedRAMP IL5 authorization for government agencies, with IL6 coming in 2024. Primer is also deployed within JWICS.

  • Versatile contracts

    Speed up procurement by benefiting from existing contract vehicles, including ITES-2 and NASA SEWP.

  • Certified small business

    As a small business certified company, we provide differentiating AI and NLP expertise, agility and personalized support; as a subcontractor, we team to win.

Enhance your offering

Complementary partnerships

By working together we can achieve a force greater than our individual parts.

  • System integrators

    Partner with Primer to accelerate mission success, leveraging our advanced AI solutions. We serve as a subcontractor for both new and ongoing ventures and as a prime for small business set-asides. The contractual advantages of our Phase III SBIR offering is available to accelerate your success.

  • Research labs

    Supplement your Federal Facilities and Research and Development (FFRD) and academic research initiatives with Primer's advanced AI technology and AI experts. Collaborate with Primer on STTRs and other contract engagements to support your innovations.

  • Alliance partners

    Join forces with Primer and leading companies to deliver powerful, tech-driven solutions that set you apart in the market.

  • Trusted government distributors and resellers

    Collaborate with Primer for easy access to sought-after products, streamlining your offerings and ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Data providers

    Connect with Primer to enhance your data offerings, delivering richer insights and boosting the value you provide to customers.

Procurement vehicles

Primer's technology is accessible through streamlined procurement, offering flexible pricing and foundational NLP capabilities. Tailored for government and defense needs, our solutions ensure compliance, operational optimization, and comprehensive support for seamless integration.

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Accelerate mission impact

Partner with us to deliver trusted AI faster