Women in NLP: inspiring leaders solving the world’s hardest problems

“When you’re working on something highly complex, technical, and novel, you need people with different perspectives and different kinds of skill sets.” Amy Heineike, VP of Engineering, Primer


The Technical Women podcast selected Primer’s Amy Heineike, VP of Engineering, as the very first guest for its inaugural episode. In “Growing a Career in NLP,” Heineike discusses her career trajectory in Natural Language Processing (NLP), one of the fastest growing fields in the technology industry.

Technical Women highlights women with technical expertise and proven experience who are trailblazing, inspiring, and building our future, with a focus on modern computing and machine intelligence.  

Heineike describes her journey into NLP, what she has learned about transforming  NLP technology into practical solutions people can use to create value, and how she approaches building a world-class team in a highly competitive market for specialized talent.

Learn how Heineike’s insatiable curiosity set her on a path to be part of the founding team of a leading NLP company: https://amplifypartners.com/company-building/amy-heineke/

Bonus: you can try first hand some of the NLP functionality Heineike discussed in the interview, including the abstractive summarization engine, which can generate punchy summaries of documents without using the words in the original source material. What? Just sign up for a free trial and give it a whirl.

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