Primer Enables Fast Data Ingestion for Mission-critical NLP Applications

Good data is the first step to trusted Natural Language Processing (NLP). But preparing good data is a complex exercise that requires gathering data from disparate sources and unifying the data to unlock insights. In fact, Primer customers often spend more of their time creating datasets than they are building and leveraging NLP. 

To remove this bottleneck, we are proud to announce we’re partnering with Trifacta to power Primer Ingest. Ingest is the critical first stage of our NLP platform that ingests and normalizes both structured and unstructured datasets from various application systems, databases, and data warehouses. 

“Primer is pleased to partner with Trifacta – a cloud data engineering company. This partnership solves a foundational data ingestion pain point and provides connectivity to dozens of applications, making it easy for customers to bring data from their applications and data sources seamlessly into Primer’s NLP platform.
Pavan Venkatesh, Sr. Director of Product, Primer

“Trifacta is proud to partner with Primer, bringing our leading data preparation and integration capabilities to Primer’s industrial-grade NLP platform to empower mission-critical organizations to leverage the full potential of all their data.”
Ron Papas, Sr. Director of Alliances, Trifacta by Alteryx

This data can then be used to generate critical insights, including:

  • Identifying potential threats to an organization’s people, assets, and infrastructure, particularly during times of unrest and upheaval by looking at OSINT alongside internal documents
  • Extracting insights from call notes, emails, call logs, and chats from applications like Zendesk to understand customer sentiment and identify customer experience opportunities
  • Processing employee surveys, performance reviews, and pulse surveys to gain an edge in the most competitive talent market in history
  • Leveraging customer surveys and in-market documents to perform a competitor analysis, analyze new markets, and develop strategies for product development and new product launches
  • Automatically processing contracts to extract renewal and expiration dates, review and approve changes, or simply audit a corpus of contracts for specific information

To answer these questions, organizations need a data strategy that outlines the following:

  • Where is the relevant data residing? 
    • Is it in systems such as databases, applications or files?
    • Is it public information like social media or news?
  •  What type of data formats are being stored or retrieved? 
    • Is it structured (tabular)?
    • Or is it unstructured (PDF, audio files etc.)?
  • How can I get all this data into a platform, prepare, run ML models, and generate insights?

Because data must be effectively ingested so it can flow through different internal NLP components to make it usable and meaningful, Primer Ingest is a critical first step in leveraging NLP on your data.

Here’s where Ingest and Integrations fit into Primer’s Platform.

Primer Ingest capabilities

Primer Ingest provides the following capabilities:

  • Data integration and transformation of your data
  • Comes with pre-built ~ 60 connectors so you can bring in data from applications such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and others; Data warehouses such as Snowflake, Redshift, Teradata, and others; Data stores like S3; Local storage where the user can upload PDF, CSV, Excel files, and more
  • No Code or Low Code ETL 
  • UI with workflow capabilities enabling our services team to easily connect and ingest structured data (tabular format) into Primer platform
  • Multi-cloud support (AWS and Azure) 
  • Supports customer managed public cloud deployment

Here is the full list of integrations.

Primer simplifies getting good data by ingesting, cleaning, structuring, and enriching raw data from over 60 sources so you can quickly build and deploy NLP models, and then generate valuable insights to inform critical decisions.

If you’d like to chat with our team about your data and AI strategy, please reach out to us.