Primer CEO Presents at Hint Summit 2022

Sean Gourley discusses AI’s fast evolution and profound impact

Hint Health invited Primer CEO Sean Gourley to deliver a keynote presentation at Hint Summit 2022, the annual conference pushing the boundaries of multi-disciplinary, cutting-edge ideas to advance the field of medicine and healthcare.

Gourley described the rapid pace of development in AI and the profound implications as AI proliferates across all aspects of society.

Watch: The World of Artificial Intelligence, Hint Summit 2022 

“Artificial intelligence is going to have its biggest impact in places where human intelligence has its limitations,” Gourley said to kick off his presentation, “such as the speed at which the human brain operates, which is hardwired into our biology. Artificial intelligence doesn’t have such limitations. It can move very quickly.”

Gourley shared several scenarios where speed matters. For example, “Algorithms have started to dominate high frequency trading,” he said, “not because they’re smarter than humans, but because they’re faster.”

While the world of AI technology is still in its infancy, the implications are tremendous and transformational – simultaneously fantastic and potentially catastrophic, Gourley cautioned. While some people want to hit the pause button on AI, there’s no way to stop it, or lock it away. Even regulating AI will be very hard, he added.

Given all of this, “The importance of human judgment becomes more valuable than ever,” Gourley asserted.

“For the most difficult tasks in the world, the ones that really matter – whether cancer detection or global pandemics or understanding the dynamics of conflict – the combination of machine intelligence with human intelligence is how we will solve the most important and pressing problems of our time. That’s what we need to embrace, with a full understanding of the risks. It’s about creating the best possible intelligence because we’re in a world that needs it.”

To learn more about AI’s fast evolution, current state of the art, where it’s going, and why language generation is the next frontier, watch Sean Gourley’s presentation, The World of Artificial Intelligence at Hint Summit 2022.

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