Microsoft + Primer: digital transformation

Microsoft invited Primer CEO Sean Gourley to address AI technology advancements and practical applications during its Digital Transformation and the Future of High Tech virtual event.

Gourley’s participation reinforced Primer as a “company to watch” within Microsoft’s global ecosystem. The event highlighted Microsoft’s “big bets” in technologies that are moving business and society forward, from AI to cybersecurity to the Metaverse and beyond. It featured Ray Wang of Constellation Research and executives from Microsoft, Micro Focus, and Rocket Central, in addition to Gourley, discussing their views on modernizing business applications and processes. 

Gourley explained how Primer delivers mission-ready AI solutions to meet rapidly evolving risk and security needs – for defense and intelligence communities as well as global commercial enterprises that need to accelerate smarter decision-making.

The ability to fuse high-velocity disparate data streams together – language, audio, video, and images – and use AI to navigate all of it, in a single dashboard, provides better situational awareness and improves real-time decision making, Gourley said. For Primer, he added, “it’s about supporting those who protect our security and democracy.” 

“Artificial intelligence is going through a growth phase unlike any other technology at the moment,” Gourley continued. “It’s unprecedented in the last two decades. What does that mean? Things that were previously the domain of humans are now the domain of machines. They’re cheaper, and they scale a lot more quickly than we can. This is transformational for the world we live in.”

“We’ve got the ability for human experts to train machines to do things that humans can’t. It’s fascinating to see humans and machines start working together and leveraging the best intelligence of both,” Gourley added.

Many more insights from Gourley’s conversation with the Microsoft team are available here

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