Primer signs Flashpoint as data provider for threat intelligence

Customers now have access to even more sources of OSINT data to confront risk and security threats in near-real time.

Primer today announced a partnership with Flashpoint, a globally trusted leader in open source (OSINT) and closed intelligence for governments, commercial enterprises, and educational institutions worldwide.

The partnership encompasses joint sales, go-to-market, and technology integrations. It allows Primer to add important sources of publicly available information (PAI) from Flashpoint  – including Telegram, Reddit, Discord, and the deep and dark web – then apply our industry-leading AI/ML to enable customers to gather timely, relevant, and accurate insights from a firehose of data for better situational awareness and decision making in times of crisis.

Primer customers responsible for tracking emerging threats from adversaries who move from mainstream to less-regulated social networks will find significant value in pairing Primer’s ML algorithms with the data sources they care about most.

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Primer’s NLP helps customers find the “needles” in Flashpoint’s “haystacks.”

Primer and Flashpoint already share many joint customers across the defense and intelligence communities and the Fortune 500. Customers will receive tremendous value from our partnership with access to a breadth of data sources, the ability to return historical data from as far back as Flashpoint has available, and a near-real time capability on some data sources – all delivered in a single application.


“Primer’s partnership with Flashpoint signals tremendous opportunity for our joint customers in National Security and other mission-critical operations who strive every day to gain decision superiority. Our aligned vision, complementary offerings, and strong working relationship will deliver unprecedented benefits for customers as they seek greater value from their vast volumes of unstructured data. Primer with Flashpoint is truly a case of ‘better together.’”

– Jon Wolken, CRO, Primer

“Flashpoint is excited to be partnering with Primer as it brings together two world-class companies that are poised to solve some of the world’s hardest challenges for some of the most discerning organizations. This is just the start as Primer and Flashpoint are already bringing intelligence-led analytics to clients. The world will be a safer place as a result of our two companies working together.”

– Brian Brown, SVP, Head of Flashpoint National Security Solutions (FNSS), Flashpoint

If you would like to partner with Primer or learn more about our partnership program, please visit or email the team at [email protected].

About Flashpoint

Trusted by governments, commercial enterprises, and educational institutions worldwide, Flashpoint helps organizations protect their most critical assets, infrastructure, and stakeholders from security risks such as cyber threats, ransomware, fraud, physical threats, and more. Leading security practitioners – including physical and corporate security, cyber threat intelligence (CTI), vulnerability management, and vendor risk management teams – rely on the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform, comprising open source (OSINT) and closed intelligence, to proactively identify and mitigate risk and stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape. Learn more at

About Primer

Primer builds and deploys mission-ready AI solutions that meet rapidly evolving defense and security needs. Primer is recognized for fast speed to deployment, powered by a proven ML infrastructure, and the high performance and accuracy of AI/ML models required to inform critical decision making. Primer’s AI capabilities scale from off-the-shelf applications to secure on-premises deployments, trained on state-of-the-art custom models against customer data sets. Multiple National Security and Intelligence Community (IC) agencies as well as global commercial enterprises trust Primer with next-generation AI technologies that accelerate decision superiority. For more information, visit