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Primer’s suite of AI-powered solutions make sense of an increasingly complex and rapidly changing information landscape.


Primer Delta

Surface insights from your data, on your network to help you with strategic analysis. Trained on open-source and classified data, our world-class NLP models structure your data for exploration and surface entities you care about, dramatically reducing your time sifting through messy data. Developed in partnership with our national security customers, Primer is accredited to run on a secure network and maintains custom connectors to work securely with your data stores.



Primer Command

Improve your response time through early detection of kinetic and cyber threats from social and news media. A real-time 360-degree view of people, organizations, locations and custom entities from high-scale streaming text, images, and audio data helps you detect early warning signals – up to several hours earlier than traditional methods – and provide timely and accurate reports about your area of operations.




Unlock new workflows and save significant time and effort by enhancing your intelligence and operations workflows with Large Language Models (LLMs). LLMs are customized to meet your use case, data, budget and environment as part of our secure and proven AI product suite.