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Primer’s suite of AI-powered solutions make sense of an increasingly complex and rapidly changing information landscape.


Primer Command

Improve your response time through early detection of kinetic and cyber threats from social and news media. A real-time 360-degree view of people, organizations, locations and custom entities from high-scale streaming text, images, and audio data helps you detect early warning signals – up to several hours earlier than traditional methods – and provide timely and accurate reports about your area of operations.



Primer Analyze

Sift through millions of documents in seconds and capture your world in a self-generating and searchable knowledge base for people, organizations, locations and custom entities. Deployable on-premises and in the cloud, Analyze helps you monitor dynamic situations from classified documents and news media, extract strategic insight, and generate easily sharable and automated briefings.



Primer Yonder

Combat information operations by surfacing emerging narratives and the factions behind them before they shape beliefs and action. With Yonder, you can slice through streams of social media to gain contextual intelligence on narratives – including their authenticity and likely trajectory of amplification – and reduce their ability to harm mission objectives.



Primer LightTag

Automate your unique text-based workflows with NLP by building highly accurate datasets with ease. With LightTag, your data scientists and operators can collaborate in a single place to quickly label data in any language and ensure that your models adhere to your organization’s quality standards.