Today, business success depends on advanced technologies, yet companies of all sizes lack the in-house expertise, resources, or time to build their own AI/ML solutions. With Primer Engines, companies gain strategic advantage by quickly integrating NLP capabilities that are trained and tuned for business operations into their products, tools, and processes. With Engines as building blocks, companies can assemble their own data processing pipelines that match their unique workflows.



Gain customer and market insights to strengthen brands and improve products and services

Marketing, sales, customer service, and other business teams rely on data to make business-critical decisions that can have lasting impact on the company’s position in the market. Teams can assemble their own pipelines of Primer Engines to help them extract the right data, at the right time, to keep customers happy and stay at the forefront of their industry. Here are a few sample Engine pipelines:

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    Better understand customers and build stronger relationships

    To address customer questions, feedback, and concerns, service teams must pore through external reviews, social media, customer emails, product feedback notes, and support tickets. With these Primer Engines building blocks, they can build a pipeline that quickly extracts meaningful insights to help them take effective action.

    • Sentiment Analysis: Process hundreds of thousands of unstructured data sources to classify customer interactions as positive, negative, or neutral.
    • Quote Attribution: Surface customer quotes for deeper sentiment analysis.
    • Topic Modeling: Identify the topics that customers care most about.
    • Classifiers: Parse extracted topics data and classify customer preferences or concerns.
    • Summarization: Set compression rates for summaries to automatically generate human-quality reports with key takeaways to share internally.
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    Track public perception of the company brand in the marketplace

    Brand managers need to carefully monitor their company’s brand and products across digital, news, and social media platforms. A pipeline of Primer Engines helps them track and rapidly analyze public opinion, as well as identify potentially false claims and counterclaims.

    • Sentiment Analysis: Extract and classify positive and negative sentiments about a brand from a firehose of unstructured text-based data.
    • Claims Detection and Dispute Resolution: Scour the digital landscape for false claims against a brand and provide a list of claims (and counterclaims).
    • Synthetic Text Detection: Evaluate these false claims to determine whether a human or bot has generated the comments to inform a strategic response.