Unrivaled speed, power, and accuracy

Primer delivers trusted and performant enterprise AI solutions for the most complex and demanding mission environments.

Our approach

Primer pioneers the fusion of proprietary natural language processing (NLP) technology with reliable generative AI to tackle mission-critical challenges. Our R&D is on a mission to set new standards for AI accuracy, providing more shots on goal while citing sources and maintaining traceability. Our algorithmic frameworks enable customers to deploy deep learning models cost-efficiently at enterprise scale—to deliver enduring decision advantage.

End-to-end AI technology stack

Turn raw data into actionable insights with a scalable technology stack for evolving enterprise AI needs.

Multi-source data

Fuse diverse data sources

Whether it's open-source or proprietary data, our infrastructure can process and unlock the value of your unstructured enterprise data at scale, including in high-security, air-gapped setups.

AI models

Optimize your models

Achieve greater accuracy with cost efficient model pipelines grounded in your data, on your network. Accurately surface events, entities, topics, classifications and the relationships between them across millions of documents.

AI-enabled knowledge discovery

Organize your data

Our technology transforms extracted information from millions of documents into a self-updating knowledge base that reflects your worldview for easy exploration and analysis.

Search and discovery

Explore data your way

Experience personalized AI-enabled search and discovery in everyday language that integrates with your enterprise workflows—on your data and your networks.


Get relevant and timely alerts

Receive granular alerts as soon as relevant changes are detected. Customize and export reports to inform your team and make timely decisions.

Primer products

  • Primer Delta

    AI-powered search and discovery

    Reduce time to insight with Primer Delta, a powerful AI-enabled search and discovery experience that integrates with your enterprise workflows – on your data and your network.

  • Primer Command

    Real-time situational awareness

    Stay ahead of the curve with Primer Command, delivering AI-enabled real-time analysis of publicly available information.

AI-enabled knowledge discovery

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