Primer Meets Tableau

Visualize possibility through unstructured text.

Visualize your data like never before.

Primer specializes in the automation of reading and writing large data sets, using advanced machine learning models to unlock text-based data analysis. For the first time, you can unlock and visualize unstructured text, including social media, email, PDFs, audio transcripts, news, and more.

With Primer and Tableau together, you can visualize unstructured data and analyze it – a task previously very expensive or even impossible.


Using Tableau and Primer together you can:

  • Drag and drop unstructured data onto a canvas just as you do with structured data like spreadsheets.
  • Take HR survey data, use Primer to analyze sentiment, pull key words and phrases, and then map it into a visualization your stakeholders can understand in seconds.
  • Read and visualize audio transcripts, Tweets, earnings calls, customer complaints, and other document types.
  • Apply data analysis and visualization to financial documents, survey responses, meeting minutes, and other use cases.


With Primer and Tableau together, unstructured text becomes structured. And structured data becomes beautifully visualized.


Visualize the possibilities in your text-based documents.