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Primer NLP Solutions

Primer enables organizations to quickly explore and utilize the world’s exponentially growing sources of text-based information. Our best-in-class natural language processing (NLP) engines and applications help you make sense of it all in real-time with human-level precision.

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  • Primer Command - get a 360-degree view of rapidly evolving events and emerging threats leveraging AI-powered, real-time intelligence.
  • Primer LightTag - AI-powered team-based data labeling software.
  • Primer Analyze — create a scalable, self-curating knowledge base that can sift through billions of documents in seconds.
  • Primer Yonder- Get early intelligence about emerging narratives to detect disinformation campaigns that may impact your brand or mission.

Our Customers

U.S Air Force, IN-Q-TEL, Walmart, Nutrien