Primer acquires Yonder, adds disinformation analysis to AI portfolio for information operations.


Real-Time Brand & Reputation Management

Real-Time Brand & Reputation Management

Primer’s Brand and Reputation Management solution gives marketing and PR teams a real-time view of their brand in the global marketplace. With AI-powered social listening and analytics capabilities, Primer separates signal from noise to surface actionable insights that help teams understand their market, identify risks, plan marketing activities, and protect their brand’s reputation. 


Monitor brand perception & risk

Whether it’s around a product launch, a company announcement, or controversial position, public critique can spread like wildfire. Primer’s best-in-class AI constantly monitors relevant topics and keywords to identify, alert, and track public narratives, and identifies disputed information. PR and marketing teams can easily understand where and why conversations start, so they can build effective strategies to protect their company and brand reputation.

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Analyze public sentiment with enhanced situational awareness

Today’s market is a complex ecosystem with a number of powerful dynamics that impact brand success. Primer reads text from thousands of news and social media feeds in real-time and automatically surfaces key people, locations, and organizations. Primer also clusters relevant photos and videos associated with the public narrative, providing rich context without the need to filter through the source content. 

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Understand the customer experience

If customers love your product, they’ll be your best advocate, but if not, they will broadcast their unhappiness loudly and repeatedly. Primer enables product marketers to keep their finger on the pulse of customer feedback from a product’s initial announcement through its lifecycle in the market. Primer alerts marketers in real time to customer comments in 100+ languages across the internet, so they can respond effectively and create strong product feedback loops.

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Uncover opportunities for innovation

With a real-time understanding of customer, competitor, and influencer narratives, marketing teams can stay agile and responsive to a fast-paced market. Primer uncovers hidden patterns and emerging trends that help marketers identify changing customer preferences, new markets, problematic geographies, or competitor strategies. Marketers can then amplify their brand’s share of voice with fresh initiatives or test innovative new ideas.

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Streamline analytic workflows

Primer integrates data feeds and collaboration tools into a single interface, streamlining analytic workflows and freeing marketers to focus on what they do best. Primer automatically delivers daily digests and real-time market reports, as well as alerts teams to breaking information, keeping everyone informed and operating from a shared view of the market.

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