Primer acquires Yonder, adds disinformation analysis to AI portfolio for information operations.


Primer helps public sector organizations to make better and faster decisions, using AI-driven insights from structured and unstructured data. With Primer, public sector organizations can build more intelligent and connected mission-driven organizations.

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Operationalize AI/ML for Strategic Advantage

Next-Gen NLP Platform

Primer’s modular, performant, and interoperable NLP Platform provides its Public Sector customers extensive flexibility and customization to deploy mission-critical AI. With Primer, public sector organizations can ingest diverse data sources, utilize retrainable NLP models trained for their domain, label, build and fine-tune their own models, and consume output through an intuitive user experience or via API. Primer can be conveniently and reliably deployed on-premises and to commercial cloud environments to power mission-critical applications.

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Build a Smart and Empowered Organization

Collaborate in near real time

Primer helps to empower its defense and intelligence customers to apply advanced domain-specific NLP solutions to a range of mission-critical use cases.

Strategic: Accelerate intelligence and military analysts’ ability to establish situational awareness of complex events impacting global security in near real-time.

Operational: Enable information operations, command and control, and fast-breaking operational intelligence workflows.

Tactical: Empower frontline operators and analysts by decreasing time-to-action through advanced machine learning software at the edge.

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Accelerate Information Exploitation

Structure Your Data at Speed

Unstructured data such as emails, instant messages, and internal reports represents approximately 80% of an organization’s data. Unstructured data is notoriously hard to exploit and manually processing it takes up the majority of analysts’ time, time that could be spent on analysis. In today’s information environment, it’s become increasingly difficult for organizations to scale their workforces fast enough to keep up with new and historical data flows. As a result, organizations risk missing key developments and human error. As a trusted partner to Defense and Intelligence organizations, we help our customers structure and exploit all-source intelligence with confidence, including news reporting, social media, scientific periodicals, and unclassified and classified data sources.

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Surface Insights Fast

Automate workflows at scale

From Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR), JADC2, Information Operations, to knowledge base applications, Primer’s algorithms help to surface key information and can be easily orchestrated into model pipelines. This saves users time by allowing them to automate and passively monitor millions of unstructured reports per day to identify relevant events, entities, topics, risks and combine text-data with image and audio data, all in a single pipeline.

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Realize Decision Superiority

Monitor and alert in real time

For key decision makers, every second matters to maintain decision superiority. Primer intimately understands the need to deliver insights at the speed of relevance and has architected its Platform with this in mind. Throughout the model pipeline, Primer provides better situational understanding, automatically analyzes and correlates breaking events and generates reports across a wide range of data sources. From data ingestion through data visualization, we help to empower analysts and operators with real time insights.

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Customers & Partners

Our trusted global partners are a key part of our success. Together, we help our customers implement best-in-class NLP solutions.