Primer acquires Yonder, adds disinformation analysis to AI portfolio for information operations.

Information Operations



In today’s connected world, anyone has tools to spread information campaigns that can negatively impact your organization, and put your brand at risk. Yonder by Primer mitigates risk and equips organizations, public sector and commercial, to combat information operations before they shape beliefs and behaviors. Yonder provides contextual intelligence and identifies coordinated campaigns early on, helping with proactive decision support. Our solution also helps you find and engage with aligned communities who support your values.

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Get audience intelligence

Know who is driving the narrative and why–no matter where they are. With Yonder, find the online subcultures that influence mainstream opinion and discover new audience segments that you might not have thought of as potential sources of adversarial and aligned narratives. Yonder offers the ability to scale narrative intelligence analysis globally, in real-time, across dozens of languages.

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Detect emerging narratives

Leverage data from open source intelligence channels to detect early signs of coordinated and manipulated activities. Understanding the intent, affiliations, and influence of adversarial networks provides you with critical insight into emerging topics and events before they go viral. With Yonder, you can determine when content online is spreading organically or if it’s being manipulated for a purpose.

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Predict risk using narrative and scenario planning

Get predictive intelligence on the influence efforts, attribution and impact of disinformation campaigns in real-time. With Yonder, understand narrative trajectory and access risk to triage whether to ignore, monitor or take action. Yonder also enables proactive scenario planning that can inform your strategic and tactical intelligence teams to take corrective and informed decisions fast.

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Be the first to know and stay prepared

Quickly and confidently manage incidents and anticipate the next potential crisis on the horizon. With Yonder, keep your tactical teams up-to-date by issuing alerts and preparing them  for unpredictable viral moments. Ensure your organizations’ strategic decision makers get daily briefs and executive reports.

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Get support for cyber operations

Use AI-powered anomaly detection models to detect digital infrastructure used to coordinate factions and propagate influence.  Your team will have this understanding early on to enable protective planning to mitigate operational and business continuity risks.

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