Better, faster, smarter 

Reduce time to insight with Primer Delta, a powerful AI-enabled search and discovery experience in everyday language that integrates with your enterprise workflows—on your data and your network.

Next generation search


Leverage comprehensive, fast and accurate enterprise search that understands your search intent. Primer Delta uses advanced NLP to extract key information from your multi-source data, then infers, summarizes and generates contextual insights based on your query.

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  • Primer Search

    Get insights from multiple data sources by asking free-flowing and iterative questions in chat, and access lists of relevant and fully sourced documents and key sections.

  • Generative summaries

    Uncover richer insights faster with generative summaries that extract key points from millions of documents across sources, in your desired format.

  • Traceability

    Get precise and contextual answers to your questions while ensuring compliance with document level permissions and sentence-level sensitivity markings.

Deeper analysis


Jumpstart your analysis with AI-generated visuals that surface entities, relationships and patterns. Further refine your results and go deeper by asking free-flowing questions in a chat format.

  • Context-rich visuals

    Surface trends, patterns, and insights faster with interactive AI-generated visuals that infer insights based on your search, including entity profiles, timelines, and network graphs.

  • Intuitive experience

    Refine your visual by date and data source, further explore insights in a free-flowing chat, and set intelligent alerts that notify you what’s changed.

  • Granular citations

    Feel confident in your results by tracing your visuals back to the relevant documents and sections used, and use Primer Delta’s citations lists to write your reports faster.

Informed decisions


Get granular alerts as soon as relevant changes are detected. Rapidly create reports to reduce time to insight and support faster and more informed decision-making.

  • Stay organized

    Save AI-generated visuals to your project to pick up later and keep tabs on evolving insights.

  • Semantic alerts

    Get near-real time alerts that understand your intent and provide contextual updates when relevant changes are detected.

  • Comprehensive and timely reports

    Generate text and export your visuals—including graphs, entity profiles and timelines—to rapidly create comprehensive reports.

more accurate

Our proprietary technology is 10X more accurate than current off-the-shelf models.

more time spent on analysis

Invest 100% of your time on analysis, by reducing manual tasks like searching across siloed data sources and compiling reports.

Up to
Up to 50% reduction in compute costs*

Our technology decreased compute cost to run a LLM on-premise up to 50% for certain tasks.



Maintain control over your data

Deployable in air-gapped environments, Primer Delta securely integrates with your data stores while upholding your authentication and access controls.


Seamlessly connect your data and apps

Primer Delta integrates with your existing enterprise tools and systems. Your data can be transferred to other systems, ensuring you are always in control.


Meet enterprise compliance standards

Review and audit data usage to ensure data governance and compliance requirements are met.


Maximize your savings

Primer's proprietary technology cuts compute costs up to 50% for specific tasks, enabling you to scale enterprise AI at sustainable cost.

Procurement Vehicles

Primer's technology is accessible through streamlined procurement, offering flexible pricing and foundational NLP capabilities. Tailored for government and defense needs, our solutions ensure compliance, operational optimization, and comprehensive support for seamless integration.

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