Primer acquires Yonder, adds disinformation analysis to AI portfolio for information operations.

NLP Data Labeling



Label data, review models, and empower your team. You can ensure model quality and increase productivity of your data science teams by labeling raw data quickly and accurately using Primer’s team-based labeling and annotation management tool.

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Get better labeled data, faster

LightTag’s AI algorithms, powered by Primer’s industrial grade NLP, automate simple labeling and free up your team’s time to focus on core competencies.

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Scale your team, not your costs

Annotate with multiple annotators and let LightTag manage your workforce automatically. LightTag enables multiple annotators, assigning work by language and domain expertise.  In addition, LightTag also offers reporting on annotator accuracy and productivity.

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Have confidence in your data quality

LightTag’s review mode and reporting make it easy to ensure you build high quality datasets for ML model training and validation.

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Responsive and seamless user interface

LightTag’s user experience (UX) saves time and money with keyboard shortcuts, error detection warnings, and a fast response time. LightTag’s interface supports annotation in every language and most types of annotation including spans, classes and relationships.

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Bring your own models (BYOM)

Use LightTag’s API to import your own models predictions. Use those to help your annotators work faster, or monitor your production models for concept drift and errors.

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