Accelerate AI Deployment For Your Mission

Primer’s machine learning technology simplifies building and deploying powerful models on your classified and open source data - from text, audio, images to video.

Primer Technology

Agile Technology That Scales Alongside Your Mission Needs

Primer builds and deploys operational AI technology that scales. We are building modular, interoperable, and customizable AI capabilities for the next-generation warfighter that can be easily integrated in the cloud or on-premises.

The End-to-End Platform for NLP: Ingest & Normalize Your Data, Leverage Pre-Trained Models, Customize Models or Build Your Own, Assemble Document Processing Pipelines, Make Insights Available to Everyone, Drive Business Value Across Your Applications.


Primer Capabilities


Ingest and normalize your data

NLP data ingestion and preparation is a huge bottleneck that takes up the majority of an ML team’s time. We built Primer so that you can start shipping more quality models, faster. We enable you to ingest data from dozens of different applications, filesystems, databases, and messaging systems. We support most popular file formats, and Primer’s ingest layer facilitates import, normalization, and cleaning of your data types, including batch and streaming data.

The End-to-End Platform for NLP: Applications, Databases, Data Warehouse. Open Source Data, PDF - Doc - Audio - Video, CSV - JSON - EXCEL


Leverage pre-trained models

Building NLP models from scratch is time consuming and difficult. Assemble your NLP solutions with our best-in-class pre-trained domain specific models. Use these models out of the box, and then easily customize them on your own data. Connect to our API from your chosen programming language, framework, or BI tool.

Primer’s model catalogue lives in an intuitive UI where you can see lineage. Give them a try, no code required.

List of Primer Engines


Customize models or build your own

Automate your unique text-based workflows with NLP by building highly accurate datasets with ease. With LightTag by Primer, your data scientists and operators can collaborate in a single place to quickly label data in any language and ensure that your models adhere to your organization’s quality standards.



Assemble data processing pipelines

Pipelines combine multiple models, transformations, and operations together into a single, automated, end-to-end flow. They support any user assembling modular and reusable components inside a low-code UI to accomplish complex use cases. Pipelines also support branching depending on the output of previous steps.

Pipelines: Unstructured Data > Preprocess > Models > Post Process > Knowledge Store


Make insights available to everyone

The knowledge store is a scalable store of structured and unstructured data allowing you to easily retrieve document and entity information. Primer supports full text and relational large-scale querying along with first-class customizable visualization tools, or you can use our API to build your own.


Make sense of a rapidly changing information landscape

To stay resilient among an influx of unstructured data, analysts and operators need to rapidly deploy trusted models that help increase their situational awareness. Our applications Primer Command, and Primer Delta are powered by Primer’s advanced machine learning technology to help them stay one step ahead of the adversary.

Any Data = Your Data + Open Source Data

Why Primer

Why customers choose Primer

Transforming text and audio into useful data with NLP requires a pipeline that can take months to build and even longer to yield business value. Primer not only makes it easy to go from ingest to build to deploy, but it also gives you full visibility and explainability into model performance, and works with your existing tools and data sources so you can start creating value from your text-based data today.

  • Human-level Accuracy

    Primer helps you build models that generate human-level insight from thousands of documents in seconds without having to learn the latest cutting-edge techniques.

  • Secure

    Primer is deployed in high security environments across our national security customer base. Our systems are secure, continuously monitored, and undergo regular 3rd-party pen testing. We are SOC type 2, ISO 27001, DFARS compliant and meet NIST 800-53 controls.

  • Customizable

    Primer’s models are rapidly customizable. No matter if you choose one of our out-of-the-box models, or build your own, you can tune it for your use case on your data.

  • Performant

    In a recent head-to-head comparison of precision, recall, and F1 scores, Primer’s NER model outscored industry benchmarks, as well as cloud and open source solutions by 21%.

  • Multicloud

    Seamlessly deploy Primer technology across multi-cloud, private GovCloud and on-prem secure environments to generate critical and timely insights from your data.

  • Interoperable

    Primer works within your existing enterprise tools and systems, and you can use our API directly into your applications.

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