VentureBeat: Primer secures $69M funding to develop AI solutions for democracy defenders

On June 14, 2023 VentureBeat reported on Primer’s new Series D funding round totalling $69 million to build AI for those who support and defend our democracy. What follows are highlights from this article. 

New funding and CEO with military ties

VentureBeat reported that Primer secured $69 million in series D funding led by Addition, a New York City-based venture capital firm, with participation from the U.S. Innovative Technology Fund (“USIT”). This funding follows the appointment of Sean Moriarty as Primer’s CEO. Moriarty, a seasoned professional with military ties, previously served as the lead independent director at Eventbrite and has 25 years of experience in B2B and B2C technology companies, including Leaf Group, Ticketmaster, and Metacloud.

“Primer’s AI platform and products deliver necessary tools to those who support and defend our democracy and this round of funding will help us deliver more, faster.” 

 – Sean Moriarty, CEO of Primer as quoted in VentureBeat

New funding to accelerate AI-enabled decision advantage

This funding allows Primer to accelerate R&D of generative AI and cutting-edge machine learning models and continue to mature its product offering. With this new funding Primer will continue to transform how analysts, operators and decision-makers make sense of massive volumes of open source and proprietary data and reduce time to decision. 

The following are two of Primer’s products that VentureBeat highlighted:

  • Primer Delta, announced in April, is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) document sorting and analysis tool that can cull through millions of documents in seconds. Delta helps by automating manual tasks and workflows which allows operators to be more productive and apply their unique expertise to find the advantage hidden in their data.

  • Primer Commandannounced in 2022, is a real-time threat detection platform containing a dashboard that includes more than 60,000 news and social media sources in 100 languages. Command provides AI-generated situation reports that generate summaries of emerging events in seconds. This platform also enables users to analyze massive amounts of rapidly changing social, geopolitical, or economic event data at scale.

“We’re committed to providing trusted, reliable AI solutions to achieve the most critical of missions.” 

– Sean Moriarty, CEO of Primer as quoted in VentureBeat

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To read the full article, visit: Military contractor Primer announces $69M to build Ai for ‘those who support and defend our democracy.’

About Primer

Primer exists to make the world a safer place. We believe that AI is critical to accelerating intelligence and decision cycles that keep us safe. Our AI technology is deployed by the U.S. Government, strategic allies, and Fortune 100 companies to extract timely insight and decision advantage from massive datasets. Primer has offices in Arlington, Virginia and San Francisco, California.