Tech’ed Up interview with Sean Gourley

Influential podcaster and Silicon Valley veteran Niki Christoff invited Primer CEO Sean Gourley to appear as a guest on Tech’ed Up, following Gourley’s testimony at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce AI Commission hearing in Washington, D.C., about AI’s role in national security.

Listen: How China’s AI Could Win a War in 72 Hrs, Tech’ed Up with Sean Gourley

“Physicist and Rhodes Scholar, Sean Gourley, founded Primer, a start-up building mission-critical AI capabilities for the United States and its closest allies. He joins Niki in the studio to discuss Silicon Valley’s ambivalence about building and selling defense capabilities necessary to protect democracies. He explains how artificial intelligence is a ‘third offset’ – following nuclear weapons and precision munitions – that could end a war in just 72 hours. And China is hyper-focused on overtaking the United States in this arms race.” Tech’ed Up (08/11/22)

Christoff and Gourley discussed the “high-stakes moment” the U.S. and its allies are in today regarding AI and democracy, the growing AI arms race with China – >a race the U.S. can’t afford to lose – and the need to sound the “alarm bell” among Defense and Intelligence Communities.

As a superpower, the U.S. must acquire the technology needed to retain decision superiority on the battlefield and beyond, Gourley said.

Gourley and Christoff also discussed:

  • Primer’s mission: to provide mission-ready AI solutions to those who protect our security and democracy
  • AI’s role in “structuring” unstructured data – text, audio, images, video – to spotlight what’s happening in fast-changing situations
  • How machines can augment manual tasks and help humans make better decisions faster

Listen: Tech’ed Up with Niki Christoff: How China’s AI Could Win a War in 72 Hrs

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