Primer selected for the Intelligent Applications Top 40 List

IA40 names Primer a top 10 mid-stage growth company “building the next generation of software that will change our lives” 

Primer is recognized in the inaugural Intelligent Applications Top 40 (#IA40), sponsored by Madrona Venture Group and Goldman Sachs, which honors their list of top private companies building software applications with AI and ML that “truly incorporate intelligence into how they process data and predict outcomes.” (press release)

Top-tier venture capital firms investing in this industry, including Addition, Amplify Partners, Lux Capital, and Steadfast Capital Ventures, as well as Amazon and Microsoft, nominated and voted on the companies they believe will define the future of software. 

Why Intelligent Applications?
Intelligent applications leverage machine learning models embedded in applications that use both historical and real-time data to build a continuous learning system,” according to the IA40 initiative. “These learning systems solve a business problem in a contextually relevant way — better than before — and typically deliver rich information and insights that are either applied automatically or leveraged by end users to make superior decisions.”

Flywheels will start to emerge in various sub-sectors of intelligent applications,” IA40 sponsors added. “The flywheel of leveraging diverse and robust data to create contextually relevant machine/deep learning models that are then deployed to help solve real-world problems and then the learnings from those inferences (which is more data) are incorporated to further improve the intelligent applications.”

This flywheel effect may drive sustainable competitive advantage and encourage new go-to-market and pricing models that facilitate customer adoption.

Primer CEO Sean Gourley stated, “The promise and potential of industrial-scale AI/ML is materializing every day, in every industry, as machines achieve new levels of trusted, scalable, human-level performance for mission-critical tasks. Primer continues to help meet this need for a growing number of national security and commercial enterprises worldwide.”

“We’re proud to be included in this impressive set of IA40 winners,” Gourley added. “This award reinforces our mission to deliver advanced machine learning and NLP technology to help our customers address the world’s most pressing problems.”

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