National Security & Technology Leader Dawn Meyerriecks Joins Primer’s Board of Directors

Dawn brings extensive U.S. government, intelligence, and technology expertise to Primer as business growth accelerates across the public sector and commercial enterprises globally.

Primer is thrilled to announce that Dawn Meyerriecks, a recognized expert in national security, defense technology, and intelligence, has joined Primer’s Board of Directors.

Dawn’s career spans three decades in the public and private sectors. She deeply understands the need for sophisticated AI/NLP solutions that redefine how people engage with an increasingly complex world of information to support time-sensitive, mission-critical decision making.

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Dawn’s unique blend of experience in both national security and commercial technology will be instrumental as Primer accelerates delivery of our AI portfolio for information operations. Her remit is to provide strategic guidance on the direction and implementation of Primer’s strategy to build the infrastructure for creating and deploying NLP models and applications that enable government and civil society organizations to be successful in their missions.

“In this era of information-based warfare, Primer is one of the rare AI technology companies equipped to provide U.S. government agencies with solutions that help them protect communities, civil liberties, critical assets and infrastructure, and our way of life,” Meyerriecks said. “I am pleased to provide my experience and learnings to Primer as we empower intelligence analysts and operators with tools that speed decision superiority.”

“Dawn Meyerriecks brings invaluable expertise to Primer as we continue to meet the urgent technology needs of the U.S. government and our allies. Dawn understands what is needed to protect our country against new and emerging threats from Great Power competitors and other adversaries,” said Sean Gourley, Primer CEO. “We are thrilled to have her join Primer’s board as we continue to make strategic impact across the defense and intelligence communities.” 

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From 2014 to 2021, Dawn was the Deputy Director of CIA for Science and Technology, directing the organization’s first restructure in its 57-year history to define and deliver state-of-the-art global capabilities. Prior to that, she was the Senior Vice President for Product Technology at AOL, where she was responsible for alignment with business objectives, M&A technical assessments, and opening new global facilities.

Dawn has received numerous awards during her 30-year career, including Washingtonian’s Tech Titan, several Presidential Rank Awards, Fortune’s Top 100 Intellectuals, and Infoworld’s CTO of the Year. 

We are incredibly proud Dawn is joining Primer’s board and our mission to provide advanced AI/NLP solutions tailored to address some of the most challenging risk and security applications of our time, such as monitoring global events in real time, detecting disinformation campaigns, responding to cybersecurity attacks, and other threats to organizational readiness and resilience. Dawn deeply understands these issues and we’re pleased to bring her on board.

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