Forbes: With ChatGPT, Defense Investors Are Learning to Speak AI

On June 14, 2023, Senior Contributor to Forbes, Craig Hooper published an article entitled “With Chat GPT, Defense Investors Are Learning to Speak AI.” The article explores the direct correlation between the surge in societal interest for AI technology, driven by ChatGPT’s widespread popularity, and the subsequent spike in interest among defense investors. Primer was used as a case study, cited as a company with “a solid book of business and strong record of past success” in this sector. 

Primer Technologies, an AI/Machine Learning technology firm specializing in AI-powered data analysis, is a perfect example of how companies with a record of AI success can benefit from the surge in interest in AI.” – Forbes

Flight planning for the Air Force

Take Primer’s Air Force work. With ChatGPT in the public eye, Primer can more easily explain how it pulls in voluminous paper charts, maps, weather forecasts and notices to airmen, and then quickly spits the data back out in the form of a refined mission flight plan, offering busy pilots the data they need to refine their transits. Rather than spend time painstakingly detailing a flight path, Air Force pilots can focus on avoiding or overcoming obstacles to their mission.

With the Air Force focusing on rapid shifts from established home-bases to dispersed operations in austere airfields, Primer tells Air Force logisticians exactly what they need to bring, matching available assets on the destination site, and leveraging information on spares and expected consumables consumption given the mission ahead.

“Primer’s AI tech products have played a crucial role in mission planning, asset tracking, intelligence analysis, analyzing adversarial narratives, and tracking misinformation and disinformation.” – Forbes

Understanding the value of AI 

ChatGPT’s widespread recognition has helped Primer’s government clients better understand the value proposition of AI, including for example the U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command and U.S. Special Operations Command. Primer’s AI tech products have played a crucial role in mission planning, asset tracking, intelligence analysis, analyzing adversarial narratives, and tracking misinformation and disinformation.

Furthermore, Primer’s ability to articulate the value of its tech products to military operations has strengthened its position within the U.S. Air Force. By swiftly processing vast amounts of data, refining mission flight plans, and providing logistical support for rapid operational shifts, Primer’s products have demonstrated their effectiveness and efficiency.

A strong foundation for market expansion and future growth 

The surge in understanding of AI tech has created a favorable environment for Primer and other AI tech defense companies to pursue opportunities beyond the secretive government contracting world. With the growing familiarity of AI tech, Primer is well-positioned to enter new markets and expand its reach. Additionally, the successful Series D funding round enables Primer to bolster its talent pool and accelerate research and development efforts, further advancing cutting-edge AI tech.

The open release of ChatGPT has proven to be a boon for Primer, heightening investor awareness and deepening understanding of the vast potential of AI. Moreover, it has set the stage for Primer’s expansion and innovation within the defense industry, unlocking new possibilities for future growth. 

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