Primer acquires Yonder, adds disinformation analysis to AI portfolio for information operations.


Human Resources

Human Resources

Unlock buried insights to better engage and retain your workforce leveraging unstructured employee data. Primer helps your HR teams to identify and understand the underlying issues affecting your workforce, by leveraging deep insights from your employee survey data to determine the best ways to improve employee engagement across your organization.

Understand employee sentiment

Analyze thousands of free-form employee comments

Automate and accelerate how you process employee surveys to gain a level of depth and accuracy that’s impossible with manual workflows. Primer automatically identifies patterns across all your employee surveys so you can see where sentiment is good, and where there are opportunities to improve.


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Keep your finger on the pulse

Uncover hidden details, patterns, and relationships

There’s only so much data you can get from fixed-choice questions on a survey. Primer looks into unstructured text responses so you can go beyond the linear “happy/unhappy” spectrum to uncover nuanced insights, identify trends impacting teams, organizations, or the company at large.

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Simplify your reporting

Organize and classify unstructured data into a meaningful format

Take comment text from your survey tool and funnel it directly into Primer to add structure to unstructured data, making it simple to pick out patterns across your employee surveys.
Classify text as positive, negative, or neutral to gauge sentiment and importance.

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Deliver an amazing employee experience

Take every piece of employee feedback into consideration

Every voice matters to your employee engagement. Primer’s AI makes it possible to boost your engagement by ensuring that every voice is heard, and then makes it simple to share your  findings with senior leaders to guide their people strategy.

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Trusted Partners

Customers and Partners

Our trusted global partners are a key part of our success. Together, we help our customers implement best-in-class NLP solutions.