Mission-Ready AI for Defense

Primer builds mission-ready AI for those who protect security and democracy. With Primer, analysts and operators can cut through information overload and understand and act on vast amounts of data enabling decision makers with fast, timely and confident decision making while increasing organizational effectiveness.

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Accelerate Information Advantage

Enable Analysts to Get Mission-Critical Information

Cut down on cognitive overload by structuring and organizing your messy data for in-depth exploration and discovery. Developed in partnership with our National Security customers, Primer AI-powered solutions enable you to surface, summarize, search, and explore any data, both sensitive and publicly available information (PAI), to gain deeper contextual intelligence for confident and timely decision-making.

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Empower Frontline Operators

Primer enables Defense and Intelligence customers to apply advanced domain-specific AI solutions to a range of mission-critical use cases.

  • Strategic: Accelerate intelligence and speed analysts’ ability to establish situational awareness of complex events impacting global security in near real-time
  • Operational: Enable information operations, command and control, and fast-breaking intelligence workflows
  • Tactical: Empower frontline operators by decreasing time-to-action through advanced machine learning software
AI-powered OSINT

Realize decision superiority

Enhance warfare decision-making capabilities

AI is rapidly changing how wars are fought and the winners of the AI arms race will become the world’s dominant military powers. Primer helps bring AI-powered intelligence to all levels of decision-making, allowing you to respond to urgent events seamlessly by giving the right people access to critical information at the right time. Save time and increase productivity by using AI-powered intelligence tools. Free up your analysts and operators to focus on higher-level analysis while improving team collaboration.

Stay ahead of potential threats
Primer Delta

Search & Discovery

Reduce time to insight by speeding up information retrieval, discovery and analysis of large unstructured datasets on prem.

Primer Command

Open Source Intelligence

Gain a 360-degree view of rapidly evolving events in real-time by harnessing social media and news data sources.

Primer Search

Semantic Search

Rapidly uncover meaning within vast volumes of text data with search that understands your intent and context, all in plain natural language.


Get mission ready with Primer AI