Primer acquires Yonder, adds disinformation analysis to AI portfolio for information operations.


Corporate Security

Corporate Security

Primer’s cutting-edge AI empowers corporate security teams to monitor, identify, and mitigate fast-breaking events like natural disasters, geo-political and security incidents, and threats in real-time, from a single pane of glass, streamlining operational workflows so teams can respond confidently in the moment, as well as analyze trends to understand the why.


Establish a common operating picture

For key decision makers, establishing a common operating picture to monitor threats to their organization’s people, locations, executives, reputation, and assets is a critical challenge. Primer automatically analyzes and correlates breaking events and generates reports across a wide range of data sources that analysts consume through a single pane of glass. Primer empowers analyst and security teams with real time insights to make faster and more informed decisions.

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Respond to critical events in real-time

When fast-breaking events unfold, every second matters. Primer empowers security teams to gain situational awareness at speed. No more hand-curating data and toggling between multiple data feeds. Primer makes it simple to surface only the relevant information from thousands of data sources, clustering the most relevant images and information together and extracting their data so you can make faster and more informed decisions.

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Streamline analytic workflows

Primer integrates your data feeds and collaboration tools into a single interface, streamlining analytic workflows so analysts can quickly share items of importance and delegate responsibilities. Primer delivers daily digests, real-time situation reports, and alerts teams to breaking events, so they can collaborate and respond more efficiently when it matters most. 

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Uncover patterns to predict future events

With Primer, analysts can focus on surfacing insights and making recommendations rather than wading through endless documents. Primer instantly delivers AI-generated timelines of events, extract key people, locations, quotes, numbers, and organizations from news and social media feeds, and cluster and summarize information so analysts can identify emerging trends and make recommendations to their organization.

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