Join Our Team

How We Work

At Primer, we build intelligent machines to help analysts, scientists, and other knowledge workers consume written information hyper-efficiently and focus their human intelligence on the most critical world problems.

Primer is shaping the next evolution of human knowledge; how we’ll consume information in a connected world where text-based data is being created at massive scale.

Building bleeding-edge artificial intelligence to enhance human understanding requires a team of diverse, creative, and inspired people who come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

What We Offer


We’ve learned to work well together virtually, and see adaptation as an interesting challenge. We have company-wide Mental Health Days and pop-up celebrations. We think you should join us.

  • Health

    Medical, Dental (including adult orthodontics), Vision & More

  • Mental Health

    Enhanced Mental Health Benefits through Ginger

  • Time Off

    Flexible and unlimited PTO – we trust you to take time off when you need to

  • Parental Leave

    100% paid parental leave – 18 weeks for birthing parents, and 8 weeks for non-birthing parents

  • Equity

    Company equity plan – we want you to have a meaningful stake in Primer’s success

  • Retirement

    Low-fee 401(k) plan to save for your future

  • Volunteering

    20 hours per year for volunteering

  • Stipends

    Book and home office stipends

  • Career Development

    Formal training and hands-on opportunities to learn in a high-growth environment

Who We Are

Our Values

  • Always Human

    We are a company of humans, for humans. We respect and support each other’s humanity, in gestures big and small, bringing love and levity to even our most challenging moments. We act with humility, embrace diversity, and put our trust in each other.

  • Creating Legacy

    We believe in building something of deep, lasting impact. We live for those achievements so special that you can’t wait to tell a loved one, but we know getting there takes persistence, a growth mindset, a tolerance for failure, and a shared sense of purpose.

  • Constantly Curious

    We believe that curiosity leads us to deeper truths, and that the deepest truths lie hidden in the hardest puzzles. Those are the puzzles worth solving. We take great joy and pride in doing so, and in doing so first.

  • Obsessed With Better

    We believe that every detail counts. No matter what we’re working on, we are obsessed with getting better, faster, and more advanced. We want everything we craft to be crafted — to feel crafted — particularly to our users. Merely okay is not okay.

  • Keeping Promises

    We know that only what we deliver will have an impact. So we live to ship, and we ship on time. We take pride in keeping our commitments to each other and to our users, delivering continuously with an insatiable focus on the future.

  • Customers to Champions

    Adding value to customers is everything to our growth. If we focus on delivering value vs. fulfilling line items on a spreadsheet, then we’ll succeed. No question.